Dutch Liquorice Buttons 200grams

If you’re looking for a sensationally flavoursome soft sweet then these Dutch liquorice buttons are guaranteed to please! Brought to you from well-loved and long-established liquorice sweet makers, Kraepelin & Holm – who have been making quality liquorice treats since 1864. Dutch buttons are a real favourite with connoisseurs, offering a gorgeous soft and chewy texture, with a sweet and smooth flavour that leaves a slight hint of salty to keep all your taste buds happy!

Soft liquorice
Sweet flavour
Sensationally smooth
Liquorice isn’t just delicious but it’s also been used around the world for years as an aid to treat various ailments. Lots of research has been undertaken, delivering proof of many of its virtues, with studies showing that it can help to ease the symptoms of indigestion and some bacterial and viral infections – a true ‘gift from the gods’! Of course all treats should be enjoyed in moderation, but we’re sure you’ll be tempted by just another one of these incredible Dutch liquorice buttons once you open the bag.

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Ingredients: Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, molasses, modified (potato and WHEAT) starch, licorice extract, ammonium chloride, artificial flavors, glazing agent: oil and beeswax.


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Weight 250 g