Dutch Toffee Liquorice 200grams

Our delicious Dutch toffee liquorice is an indulgence almost beyond definition, packed so full of flavour that you’ll be tempted to tuck in again and again… and again. This little bag of tricks is the ideal antidote to more salty liquorice varieties and an absolute MUST for lovers of sweet liquorice – or toffee fans who are looking at trying out this unique flavoured treat. So what makes these toffee liquorice caramello sticks so sensational? Well they’re soft and extremely juicy, with every chew delivering a smooth, strong toffee flavour, revealing the sweet liquorice core for a flavour that just leaves you wanting more.

Sweet liquorice
Tasty toffee flavour
Soft with fondant centre
The sweet caramel toffee coating of these delicious Dutch liquorice sticks is a true triumph of taste, and as the flavour melts into your mouth and you hit that black liquorice chewy centre you’ll be transported to a whole new dimension – no wonder they’re a big hit with the whole family! So for the highest quality in Dutch toffee liquorice, buy a bag of our caramello sticks today and see if you can stand to share them!

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Ingredients: Sugar, Cane Sugar Molasses, WHEAT Flour, Glucose Syrup,WHEAT Starch, Modified Starch,Liquorice Extract, Vegetable Fat (Coconut Full Hydrogenated) Colouring, Gelatin, Dextrose, Invert Sugar Syrup, Flavourings, Ammonium Chloride, Vegetable Oil (Coconut)